Decarbonizing industrial processes with

Solar steam boilers

Solatom develops solar boilers for the generation of heat in the form of steam, pressurized hot water and thermal oil for industrial applications

The industrial sector is responsible for one third of the global energy demand. Decarbonizing this demand is one of the greatest challenges humanity faces. Although it is possible to electrify low-temperature processes, steam generation and high-temperature generation still rely on fossil fuels. Concentrated solar is a sustainable and competitive alternative to conventional boilers.

A solar boiler performs the same function as a conventional boiler, but using solar energy as a fuel. With a boiler powered by solar energy it is possible to reach the working pressures and temperatures most industrial processes require.

To reach these high temperatures and pressures, mirrors that follow the sun are used, reflecting its solar radiation into a tube receiver through which a thermal fluid is circulated. At the exit of the tube, the fluid is carried to the factory circuit. Depending on the type of process, a different integration is used.

The savings achieved depend on 3 main factors. Depending on these factors, up to 35% savings are achieved. The factors with the greatest impact are the following:

  • 1) The existing fuel price. The more expensive the bigger the savings.

  • 2) The Solar irradiation. The sunnier the location, the bigger the savings.

  • 3) The type of consumption profile. The more energy is used, the bigger the savings.

Any factory with industrial processes that need heat, and with a minimum of 500 m2 of surface can install this technology.

You can see the potential of your factory by clicking here (only available for Spain)


If you are looking for a sustainable alternative to your conventional boilers, we can help you. We will study your case without any commitment required on your side.

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The technology in numbers:

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