Information about the technology

The technology behind the solar boilers

Characteristics on the fresnel collector solar heat FLT20

Technical Specifications

General specifications
Alternative fluids: Water, thermal oil, steam and air
Maximum vapor pressure: Up to 30 bar
Locations: Land and rooftop

Specific characteristics
Per module Power ratio kWt1 Energy ratio kWht2
Power delivered1 14.5 kWt -- --
Annual energy generated 2: 22.000 kWht -- --
Net aperture of mirrors: 26.4 m2 0.55 kWt/m2 833 kWht/m2
Occupied area: 36 m2 0.4 kWt/m2 611 kWht/m2
Specific gravity (collector area): 23 kg/m2 -- --
Wind Speed Max (in operation): 70 km/h -- --
Wind Speed Max (in protection): 150 km/h -- --
Lifetime: 20-25 años -- --
1 - Reference conditions: DNI: 900 W/m2, Tinout: 180 ºC, Tamb: 30 ºC, θlong: 0 deg, θtrans: 15 deg
2 - Reference conditions: DNI: 2.068 kWh/m2-year, in rows of 10 modules in series, orientation: N-S, without blur

FLT20 Module Performance

Optical efficiency

IAM curves

Angle of incidence modifiers, or IAM curves, are used to estimate the optical performance of Fresnel concentrators. The optical efficiency can be approximated by multiplying the nominal optical performance (63.2 %), by the value of the IAMtransverse the IAMlongitudinal obtained from the curves.

Estas curvas se calculan mediante herramientas de trazado de rayos. Para utilizar las curvas es necesario introducir los ángulos de incidencia transversal y longitudinal. El resultado de los IAM debe multiplicarse por la eficiencia nominal (63.2 %).

Module construction

Characteristics on the fresnel collector solar heat FLT20

Technology made in Spain

Factory in Castellon

Our modules are manufactured in Castellon with 100 % Spanish technology. In our factory you can see first-hand how our solar boilers are made. In addition, we have in our facilities a solar steam boiler to closely see how is the real operation of this technology.

Module assembly

Fresnel collector solar heat modular

Modular and scalable technology

Pre-assembled solar modules

FLT20 modules are transported from the factory fully pre-assembled. Land transport is carried out by truck, while maritime transport is carried out in standard shipping containers.

Advantages over on-site assembly
  • Improvement in the optical quality of the system (factory control)
  • Minimum interference with the client during construction
  • Minimum time and space required for construction