Solar boiler simulation

Simulate without previous experience

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Calculation of solar energy production and savings

To estimate the savings achieved by installing a solar boiler, it is necessary to take into account, in addition to the characteristics of the solar plant, those of the factory process, and consequently the savings achieved. With both data it is possible to calculate the useful energy that the solar boiler supplies to the factory.

If you have never used a solar simulation program, we recommend that you fill in the necessary data using this form, and send it to We take care of the rest!

Data required for the simulation
  • Process data
  • Location and available area data
  • Data on fuel demand

Simulation for solar energy professionals

ressspi simulator solar industry

The ReSSSPI solar simulator

The tool

In SOLATOM we have developed the virtual tool called ReSSSPI, to facilitate solar energy professionals the estimation of production and savings achieved with concentrating solar boilers.

ReSSSPI uses the SHIPcal code for energy calculations. This code is a free software initiative for the simulation of solar systems in industrial applications. The results of SHIPcal have been contrasted in Task C of the International Energy Agency's Task64. The theoretical bases of calculation are described in the doctoral thesis of Miguel Frasquet.

To perform a simulation, it is not necessary to have knowledge of solar concentration, but it is important to have worked on energy projects before. It is also necessary to have all the technical information of the process to be simulated. You can access ReSSSPI from this link.