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Solar steam for industries by the hand of the Spanish leader

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Looking to the future

The industrial boiler market needs more sustainable alternatives to the current ones. Solar steam is an opportunity for the future, and to begin with, it is best to do it accompanied by the best. Join our partner network. Pioneers in solar steam.

Partner Support Tools

SOLATOM has developed a tool to support the work of its partners in Spain. This tool facilitates the location of potential customers, the design and energy calculation, as well as all the technical support during the sales process. Ask for information without obligation in

High potential customer locator

High solar potential customer locator

Find and prioritize potential customers

Access to a database of 178,000 industries

The partner support tool gives access to the factory database developed by SOLATOM. The database has all the information needed to quickly estimate the potential of a factory.

  • Solar radiation, available surface area and consumption profile
  • Contact information and management structure
  • Main financial information
  • Record of R&D activity and main grants awarded

Energy simulator

Energy simulator solar steam

Detailed energy simulation in 1 click

We put all the experience in simulation of the technical department of SOLATOM within reach of a single click. Partners can easily send simulation data to SOLATOM from the support tool. SOLATOM technicians are responsible for carrying out the design, optimizing it and running all the necessary simulations. Once the process is complete, the results are sent directly to the partner.

The Partner Support Tool simulator is the best way to ensure that the design achieves the lowest possible energy cost.

Apoyo técnico personalizado

Personalized technical support

We help you all the way

Support in video calls and face-to-face meetings

Our partners have the technical support of SOLATOM. This support is often embodied in the joint participation of presentations to clients through video calls and face-to-face meetings. SOLATOM gives technical support in the explanation of the technology, as well as in the analysis of the energy results.