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What is a solar boiler and how does it work?

Characteristics on the fresnel collector solar heat FLT20

Solar boilers for industry

Solar alternative to conventional boilers

A solar boiler performs the same function as a conventional boiler, but using solar energy as a fuel. With a boiler powered by solar energy it is possible to reach the working pressures and temperatures most industrial processes require.

We concentrate the sun to reach high temperatures

To reach these high temperatures and pressures, mirrors that follow the sun are used, reflecting its solar radiation into a tube receiver through which a thermal fluid is circulated. At the exit of the tube, the fluid is carried to the factory circuit. Depending on the type of process, a different integration is used.

Our FLT20 solar concentrator

Characteristics on the fresnel collector solar heat FLT20

Fresnel modular y transportable

Advantages of Fresnel optics in industrial applications

There are many types of solar concentrators. At SOLATOM we have designed a specific Fresnel optical concentrator for industrial processes. For the industrial temperature range, Fresnel optics achieve:

  • A cost reduction of the energy generated
  • A reduction in the wind loads of the solar module
  • The production of high temperature, saturated steam

Plug&Play modules scalable according to client needs

Our boilers are made up of modules. Each module is the size of a 20-foot shipping container, and it is transported fully pre-assembled. Once the module is in position, it “unfolds” and it is ready to connect. The modules are connected together until the desired power is reached.

The solar boilers market

Characteristics on the fresnel collector solar heat FLT20

The demand for heat in the industry

2/3 of the energy demand is heat

The industrial sector accounts for one-third of the global energy demand. Out of that, almost 75% of the energy is heat in the form of some kind of fluid, mainly steam, hot water or thermal oil.

Decarbonizing this demand is one of the greatest challenges humanity faces. Although it is possible to electrify low-temperature processes, steam generation and high-temperature generation still rely on fossil fuels.

Characteristics on the fresnel collector solar heat FLT20

Applications in the industrial sector

Most industrial sectors have processes where heat is needed. When temperatures are low it is possible to use electrical energy or solar energy without concentration. However, when temperatures rise the options are more limited. Concentrated solar power is an ideal solution for these applications. See applications in industry

Characteristics on the fresnel collector solar heat FLT20

The market in Spain

At SOLATOM we have spent years giving visibility to solar concentration technology among the industrial sector, and we have learned to identify the factories that need it most.

We have identified and classified more than 178.000 industries in our database. For each one we have calculated its potential taking into account the size, the available solar radiation and the type of associated industrial process.

If you need help finding leads, we'll make it easy with our partner support tool.

Solar Design Tools

Send infor simulation fresnel calor solar FLT20

How do I estimate the savings achieved?

I have no experience in solar thermal energy

The production in any solar installation, and therefore the savings and emissions avoided are different every hour of the year. This is due to weather factors, and that the sun changes its position constantly. If you have never simulated a solar system, or you prefer that the simulation is carried out by experts in solar energy, we put our studies department at your service.

Characteristics on the fresnel collector solar heat FLT20

If I have experience in solar thermal energy

If you have previous experience in solar thermal energy, know the basics of hydraulics, and have the data of the process you want to study, we put at your disposal our simulation tool ReSSSPI. ReSSSPI uses the SHIPcal simulation engine, and it is currently being used by dozens of users daily.

I want to install solar boilers

Characteristics on the fresnel collector solar heat FLT20

Your solar energy partner in industries

We walk along with you throughout the process

Are you installing photovoltaic solar energy and want to differentiate yourself by increasing your product portfolio? Do you carry out low temperature solar thermal energy projects and want to reach higher temperature applications in the industry? In SOLATOM we make it easy for you, as we have developed a tool to accompany you all the way.

  • We locate the factories with the greatest potential
  • We organize joint technical meetings
  • We make the designs you need