• Solar steam for
    industry processes

    ES/ EN

    Solar steam
    for industry

    The green alternative to gas for industrial consumers

  • Solar steam for
    industrial processes

    ES/ EN

    Steam, hot water
    and thermal oil

    100% Renewable

  • Solar steam for
    industrial processes

    ES/ EN

    The solar alternative
    to steam boilers

    Sustainable industries

  • Solar steam for
    industrial processes

    ES/ EN

Map of potential

Solatom, together with the Technology Platform Solar Concentra, has developed the map of the potential use of concentrating solar systems in industrial processes. You can find it here (Spanish)

Calculate the

Estimate the solar production and economic performance is very simple using the Ressspi tool from this link

Remote monitoring
of plants

All our plants are fully monitored on-line. Both production and operation parameters are controlled in real time

Data Sheets

Technical specifications of the system and operating manual.

Información técnica del sistema. Download our technical data sheet

Dairy Products

Concentrating solar energy has extensive usage in pasteurization and washing processes


Solar steam generation for scalding, cooking or washing, among other processes


Solar steam generation in the processes of fabric dyeing


Solatom is already being used for generating the hot water that feeds the formulation reactors of a chemical industry


Thermal oil for the calender section of industrial laundries

Bottling companies

Solar steam generation for aseptic bottling, sterilization and cleaning

treatment plant

Solar hot water for sludge thermal drying

up to 300ºC

Solar concentration can be applied in any process that uses fluid at high temperature

Who is

Solatom is formed by a team of engineers coming from the solar and aeronautical sector

What is

Solatom is a concentrating solar collector that generates heat at high temperature reflecting sunlight with mirrors

What problem does
Solatom solve?

Solatom reduces the energy bill (gas/oil) of industries with thermal processes fed by conventional boilers

Why Solatom is

Solatom is the only solar collector for industrial heat completely transportable. This makes us competitive in industrial size applications

Most important

- European finalists of ClimateKIC VC 2017
- Startup Europe Awards 2017 Climate
- Sustainable fast track UK 2020 Energy

Solatom in
the media

- BP press release 2020 (Spanish)

Information for

Request our deck, send an email to founders@solatom.com


Hack4Climate - Hackathon organized by the UN to develop blockchain solutions to combat climate change

More about SOLATOM

Solatom is a solar concentrator designed for generating high temperature heat (steam, hot water or thermal oil) in industrial processes

Solatom's modules are formed by rows of mirrors that track the sun , reflecting the sunlight on a vacuum tube. The fluid circulating through the tube absorbs the reflected energy producing an increase in the temperature of the fluid (up to 300 ° C ). Each module has a nominal power of 15kW thermal. When more capacity is needed, the modules are joined together, increasing the total power of the plant. The system is designed for be deployed on the rooftop, being its specific weight less than 23 kg/m 2 .

0 ºC

Maximum teperature

0 kW

Nominal power per module

0 kg/m2

Specific weight on the rooftop

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